What Jewel Are You?
9 Simple Questions To Find Out What Jewel Best Describes Your Personality.
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Are you a private person?
I’m somewhere in between.
Yes, I only share with people close to me as needed.
No, I’m an open book.
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Someone insults a friend of yours, what’s your FIRST reaction?
You’re nervous and ready to flee if things get messy.
You’re suddenly alert and ready to defend your friend if needed.
Nothing, it doesn’t involve you.
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Are you easily spooked?
Yes! I hate when people sneak up on me.
No, I’m usually calm and unruffled. It’s tough to scare me.
Not particularly, but you can probably scare me if you try!
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Which of these best describes you when presented with a new problem?
I tend to remain calm and think through the problem before reacting.
My instinct is to overreact, but I’m able to calm myself down and think.
I tend to overreact at first, I’m a bit excitable.
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Are you good at admitting you are wrong?
I can be pretty stubborn, I try to find a way around it.
Yeah, it’s pretty easy for me.
It’s not easy, but I usually suck it up and admit it.
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Which of these best describes you?
You make the plans and invite everyone along, the more the merrier.
You’re often most content staying home, but if you do go out, you’re just as likely to make the plans as you are to go along for the ride.
You wait for someone else to make the plans, but you’re quick to jump on board.
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If you could change a physical imperfection to be more “universally attractive,” would you do it?
In a heartbeat.
No, I’m proud of my imperfections.
If it’s something small that really bothers me, like a bump on my nose or a prominent mole.
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When you enter a crowded room, how would people describe you?
You slide in unnoticed.
You quickly grab attention, sparkling with intensity and life.
You smoothly coast through the room with ease and poise.
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Which of these adjectives best describes you?
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