What Island Are You?
No man is an island. Except for the purposes of this quiz. If you were an island, which one would you be? Take this quiz to find out.
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Which do you most want to do?
Succeed in business.
Relax and have fun.
Focus on my family.
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Which would you rather see?
A rock concert.
A shadow play.
A Shakespeare play.
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Which would you rather drink?
A pint of beer.
A cup of coffee.
A fruit-based cocktail.
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How would you rather spend the day?
Sunbathing on the beach.
Hiking up a volcano.
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Choose a type of weather.
Hot and dry.
Warm and wet.
Cool and dry.
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How would you prefer to get about?
By taxi.
By car.
By train.
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What kind of job would you prefer?
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Which would you most like to visit?
A castle.
A temple.
A fjord.
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How do you feel about population?
I can go either way.
I prefer sparsely inhabited places.
I love a crowd.
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