What is your weapon in love?
You have attraction that makes other people have no choice but love you. Take this quiz to find out what is that?
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You are considered as a person who is …
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You believe your great trait is
Lively spirit
Wild side
Solve problems quickly
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For you, a fun night out is…
Getting on the dance floor and mesmerizing the crowd
Sharing your opinions with the people you meet
Hitting up the bars and getting rowdy
Flirting with some guys/girls and make them laugh
Talking to someone on a deeper level and getting to know them
Going out with my friends and crowd watching
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To keep a relationship going you believe there needs to be...
Open mindedness in the bedroom
Individual passions/interests
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What is something that only closest to you know?
You can be quite spontaneous
You like to give, but also love to be taken care of
That you are very intelligent and thoughtful
That you have a serious wild streak
That you have secrets and good ones
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Someone starts to pick a fight with your friend at a bar, you…
Stare at them with a devious smile. You know your friend’s got this
Get up in their face and tell them you’d be more than happy to take it outside
Stand up and tell them in a stern voice to fuck off
Start messing around with them by asking them bizarre questions
Get up and tell them back off. They aren’t worth your energy
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