What Is Your Virtue?
Everyone has some positive qualities. What's your most prominent one?
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A coworker drives you absolutely nuts. Why?
On social occasions he tries to get everyone really drunk
He says mean things to his underlings
He brags a lot and takes credit for other people’s work
He’s always losing his temper
He never gets his work done on time
He is greedy
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Your dinner date shows up thirty minutes late. What’s your response?
I smile and welcome him or her. I don’t mind waiting
I’m sure he or she had something more important to do
He or she looks really stressed. I say, “I hope you’re okay!”
I’ve used the time to dash off an email for week and say so. We’re good !
I’d really like a stiff drink but I refuse to have one
I assume there’s a good reason he or she is late and don’t bother to ask
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A homeless person asks you for money. What’s your response?
I tell them to get a job. I don’t do it to be mean
I don’t give homeless people money because I’m afraid they’ll spend it on drugs or alcohol
I give them some change and then stand and chat for awhile
I think that could easily be me. I buy some takeout food and give it to them
I give them twenty dollars
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Your single friend asks you for dating advice. What do you tell her?
I don’t tell her anything. I just listen
I have no idea what to tell her – she knows what’s best for her
You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince
Just be yourself
Don’t drink too much when you first start going out with someone
I tell her I will set her up with my good friend, who would be perfect for her
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When it comes to politicians, what really makes you angry?
When they turn out to have an alcohol or a drug problem
When they constantly say nasty things about their opponents
I try not to judge politicians too harshly. It’s a tough job
I’ve never been really angry at a politician
When they promise something and then don’t deliver it
When they don’t seem to do much of anything in office
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Your brother calls you at the office to tell you about his money problems. What’s your response?
I’m frustrated because I hate to be disturbed while I’m working
I tell him I’ll email him the money to pay his bills ASAP
All I can do is listen!
I blame his drinking problem
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If you could rid humans of one flaw, which one would it be?
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Choose your favourite small way to make the world a better place.
Really listening to other people
Giving to food banks
Providing free services of some kind (legal aid, tutoring) to the poor
Smiling more
Sponsoring someone through AA
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You’ve won hundreds of millions in the lottery and you want to give some of it to charity. What will you give to?
Trips to Disneyland for terminally ill kids
I’ll take applications from various charities and meet with them to decide
I will give to many different charities, but always anonymously
Small business loans for poor women in developing countries
An addictions rehabilitation centre
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