What Is Your True Personality?
Answer our 9 questions to find out what your true personality is.
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Your partner gives you a book for your birthday that shows you they know you better than anyone else. What is it?
An art retrospective of your favorite visual artist
An inspiring memoir
A political manifesto about how to fight climate change and improve the world
A philosophy book by one of my favorite thinkers
A DIY book about making your abode a dream-home
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Choose a quote that resonates with you:
' Never confuse motion with action.' - Benjamin Franklin
“Keep a light, hopeful heart. But ­expect the worst.” - Joyce Carol Oates
“Sometimes it's only the young ones who are crazy enough to change the world.” ― Diana Peterfreund
'It's so important to have that independence. You know it yourself: Everyone needs evenings of their own.' - Oscar Wilde
'Innovation is creativity with a job to do.' - John Emmerling
'Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.' - Dalai Lama
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When you are happy, how do you show it?
I'm very bubbly and enthusiastic.
Smiling, but quiet.
It's within me, and I feel reflective and content.
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What is field is your dream job in?
I just want to own my own company, whatever it may be
An artist, musician, or craftsman.
Public service, maybe medicine or social work.
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Everyone has a pet peeve at work that they can't ignore. What's yours?
I hate to see my co-workers struggle and will do what I can to help them.
I hate when there's a missed chance for creativity, and I try to bring some flair to every situation.
I can't rest until I find a solution to a given problem.
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What was or is your favorite part about being a student?
Applying the new information and planning research projects
All the extracurricular activities
Meeting and socializing with my peers.
Learning new information
Internships and getting practical experience
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Imagine thirty-five years in the future. You're about to publish a book about your life and philosophies. What is the title?
Enthusiastic Go-Getter: Inspiring Others by Being My Best Self
Original Logic: The life and times an autonomous thinker
Creative Planning: Organizing the Files of Life!
The Musing Cynic
The Quiet Nurturer
Friendly and Focused: How I Achieved My Dreams
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Which two words best describe you?
reflective and loyal
Logical and original
organized and creative
enthusiastic and flexible
responsible and focused
kind and conscientious
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You hear through the grape-vine that a good friend has said something hurtful about you. How do you handle it?
go to them to confirm it before you react
You feel hurt, but don't say anything, you don't want to create an awkward situation for anyone
Decide to confront them but tell them there's no need to say things behind your back, you're both adults and can handle any issues as adults
Chock it up that they are having a bad day and try to forgive it and don't let it bother you
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