What Is Your True Birth State?
Have you ever wondered which of the 50 states best suits your personality? Take this short quiz to find out!
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You’re sitting down at a restaurant with friends, what do your order to drink?
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You’re getting a dog. What breed would you want?
A husky.
A basset hound.
A mutt from the pound.
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If you were a character on a sitcom, which option best suits you?
The lead, obviously!
The wacky neighbor.
The funny (and well-loved) best friend.
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What is your ideal way to spend a Friday night?
In with a good book.
Out with friends.
Doing something adventurous, like indoor rock-climbing.
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What kind of exercise do you most enjoy?
Exercise classes.
Exercise disguised as something else, like dancing.
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What’s your favorite kind of music when you need something to pump you up?
Heavy metal.
Classic or alternative rock.
Rap or hip-hop.
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How do you feel about owning a home?
I can’t wait to be a homeowner/ I already own a home. Duh.
I’d rather not. Houses are way too much work.
Someday. When I’ve made more money and am ready.
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Where can you usually be found on a day off?
Spending time with friends or family.
On your sofa, recuperating from your busy life and catching up on your TV shows.
In the park walking or out on a hike.
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What word best describes your family?
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