What Is Your True Age?
Answer our 10 questions to find out what your true age really is!
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People often say you seem ___ than your age:
I don't get those types of comments.
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You're at home when the fire alarm starts ringing and you smell smoke. What's the one thing you grab before fleeing?
The family photo album
My designer shoes
My collectable figurines
My laptop and phone
I don't take anything
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Your best friend describes you with one word. What is it?
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What's your opinion of alcohol?
Never had it, never will
I love getting smashed
It's normal for me to have wine or beer with dinner
I love drinking local beers and craft cocktails
I drink sparingly, maybe a few glasses of wine a month
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What is your go-to fancy outfit?
High quality staple pieces and expensive shoes
Something warm and sensible
I like to mix and match patterns for a funky effect.
Skinny black jeans and a nice top, with leather boots
Whatever I've got on, I'm not worried about fancy
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How many serious relationships have you had in the last 5 years?
One and it failed
One and it's going strong
Three or more
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What's the most important thing to you when looking for a romantic partner?
Good finances
They make me laugh
Emotional maturity
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Your partner gets you the present of your dreams, what is it?
A vacation just the two of us
Tickets to a festival with my favorite bands
Expensive shoes I wouldn't splurge on myself
A family vacation with relatives we don't see often
A collector's toy I have been eyeing on E-Bay
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How much sleep do you get each night
6-7 hours
5-7, it depends
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What's your hair color?
Whatever color I feel like trying out this week
Dyed a few shades off of my natural color
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