What Is Your Spirit Animal?
Have you ever wondered which Spirit Animal guides you? Answer a few short questions to find out!
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I wish I could…
Master the elements.
Have a nice little nap right now.
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You say something unintentionally hurtful. Be honest, what happens next?
I probably didn’t notice, people sometimes don’t get my sense of humor.
I immediately sense that I hurt someone and apologize.
It hits me a few minutes later that I probably shouldn’t have said it and I make sure not to repeat it.
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Think of one of your fears and choose one:
I’m quaking just from thinking about it.
I want to conquer it by facing it head on.
It’s okay to avoid some things in life if you’re afraid.
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How many times have you moved in the last 10 years?
I haven’t moved
1, 2, or 3 times
More than 3
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Someone tries to take credit for your work, what do you?
Speak up immediately but politely to address the situation.
Say nothing, you don’t need the accolades anyway.
Wait to speak with them later to keep it from happening again.
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At a party two people start to argue and it’s getting tense. What’s your gut reaction?
Uneasiness with the tension.
Free entertainment!
Compassion to try to help.
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A friend disappoints you by breaking a promise. What do you do?
Calmly talk with them to address it and move forward.
Let it go without bringing it up.
Have a hard time forgiving them.
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On the last day of a group trip, what are you most likely thinking?
I’m so ready to get home.
That was the perfect amount of time to be away.
Man, I wish we had another week!
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Which of these statements do you most relate to?
We’re all in this together.
This too shall pass.
We all walk alone on this earth.
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