What is Your Sixth Sense?
Answer our 8 questions to find out what your sixth sense is!
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When you are on a first date and having that first, sort of awkward conversation, which of the following are you most likely to notice about the other person?
Their eyes and if they are making direct contact with mine
If they have a kind smile.
Any signs of sweating or fidgeting
Any verbal ticks such as 'um' or 'like.'
Their body language
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Do you have a special knacks for any of the following?
I'm a cat-charmer. All cats love me.
I can tell if someone isn't being fully honest with me.
I have predicted events such as fights, breakups, or phone calls.
I can tell when someone is in pain or needs help
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What kind of dreamer are you?
I don't remember my dreams, but I experience deja vu a lot.
I have premonitions in my dreams that seem to come true soon after.
I dream frequently and vividly.
I dream about friends and family needing to be taken care of.
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There's a conflict between two of your closest friends. You debate getting involved to mediate. What do you decide to do?
Be a comforting presence and offer your love, that's the best you can do.
Observe their actions without getting directly involved and talk to them individually about their behaviors.
Hear both parties out and try to offer sensible advice.
Focus on positive thoughts for both of them and hope that it permeates their dispute.
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Which of the following describes how perceptive you are of other's moods?
I can read others very well even if they say they are fine (but it doesn't necessarily change my mood).
My mood can be easily changed by someone who is negative or even positive, but specific details may not be clear to me.
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What is something your friends might tease you for?
Saying that plants and animals have consciousness.
Being very skeptical
Believing in love at first sight.
Reading into coincidences
Believing in ghost stories
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When you are feeling particularly stressed out, what do you do to calm down?
I spend time in nature, being around plants, water, and animals is calming and restorative to me.
I spend some time alone, being around others can be too draining.
I might have a drink or some other substance to help my mind wander away from the problem
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What is your new year's resolution?
To volunteer more, maybe at an animal shelter or homeless shelter
To eat healthier
To get in touch with an out of touch family member
To cut out any toxic relationships
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