What is your personality disorders quotient?
Let's take this test to know if you are person with personality disorders or not?
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You usually look at the mirror. However, you always feel something make you unsatisfied. What is that?
Mirror is dirty
Scar node on my face
My appearance
My weight
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You come in a wild house. Nobody in there and you saw a picture of solder that were hurt because of fighting on the wall. Which part of his body were hurt do you see?
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You’re going in a dark jungle. There are a small temple appears you. While you are standing looking that temple, suddenly, there are something glance behind your back. Do you think what that was?
A man
A dog
Ghost shadow
A wild animal
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You see a vending machine while you’re thirsty. Oddly, all beverages in there have no brand. What color drinks will you choose?
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You are alone in a dark room, on the outside, there is murderer with a knife is trying kill you. You have nothing in your hand to prop up, so you must to hide. Where will you hide?
Out of the window
Behind the door
Under the bed
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Finally you determined to kill an enemy 10-years enemy. You go to buy a knife and there are two type, $5 and $50. You choose $5 one without any hesitation. What is the reason?
My enemy has to more suffer
I don’t want to waste my money
$5 one seems sharper
I don’t take money enough
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