What Is Your Personal Style?
Everyone has their own personal style when it comes to how they dress. What's yours? Take this quiz to find out!
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It’s Saturday morning and you’re about to put on your weekend uniform. What is it?
Skin-tight black jeans and a black tank top.
Skin-tight leggings and a cute v-neck top.
A comfy and colourful ethnic tunic and a pair of thick tights.
Khakis and a button-down shirt.
Black boot-cut yoga pants and matching jacket.
Comfortable blue jeans and a plain white t.
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What shoes will you wear with that?
A pair of high heels.
A pair of motorcycle boots.
I’ll go barefoot, weather permitting. If not, a pair of riding boots would work.
A pair of colorful trainers.
A pair of Danskos.
A pair of ballet flats.
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It’s cheap night at the movies, so you’re going to get a slice a pizza and then catch the latest flick. What’ll you wear?
A pair of velvety cords and a cashmere twin set.
A leotard, ripped jeans, thigh-high boots, and an armful of bracelets.
Dressy skintight jeans, a fitted t, and stiletto heels.
A onesie in a tiny print, with a jean jacket and cowboy boots.
A baggy shirt dress, tights, and Hunter boots.
Leggings and an over-sized sweater.
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Which adjectives best describe the look you most often go for?
Clean and elegant.
Comfortable and casual.
Sexy and sultry.
Carefree and funky.
Feminine and polished.
Hot and edgy.
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You’re shopping for a new dress. Which one is your eye drawn to first?
A vintage dress from the 50s or 60s.
A conservative LBD (little black dress), perfect for cocktails.
A figure-flattering wrap dress in a dark colour – the sort of thing you can wear anywhere.
A flowing tea-length gown in a kicky print.
A very short black jersey dress with cutout batwing sleeves.
A body-hugging sequined one, perfect for clubbing.
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Should you show cleavage?
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Which of the following hairstyles would you sport, assuming you could have any of them?
A tousled pixie cut.
Long, luscious locks, in a conventional colour, like red, brown, or blonde.
Something versatile, like long layers to my shoulders, so I could wear it up or down.
A head full of wild curls, even an Afro.
A sleek bob.
Long, luscious locks in an unconventional colour, like purple.
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What style do you almost always avoid?
Bold prints.
Anything that looks conservative.
Synthetic, form-fitting fibers.
All black clothing.
Loose or baggy clothing.
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Choose a favourite accessory.
A colorful scarf.
A large piece of ethnic jewelry.
An invisible hairclip, to keep my hair smooth and out of my face.
A sleek, expensive handbag.
Bright red lipstick.
A tough attitude.
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