What is your pagan name?
A quiz to give you your pagan name or at least an idea of one that best suites your personality.
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What is your and/or perfered element?
Fire is the desire,and the passion, that I kindle.
Water are the smooth waves and senerinty that I cleanse thy self with.
Air is of which I breathe,air is the breeze that blows silently onto my neck,air is the wind that blows itself to me.
Earth is the ground I stand on,earth is what makes us sheltered and strong,earth is the nature that gave us life.
The spirit inside my body that helps me run,the spirit in my body that lets me cleanse,the spirit in my body that gives me desire,the spirit in my body to help me breath,the spirit within me.
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Which do you perfect to be?
A fluffy cloud that you can enjoy when the dawn comes,and to enjoy the wind passing by.
A waterfall that you can clean yourself in and enjoy the freshness of water in.
A warm cozy fire place that you can relax by,ignoring the cold outside.
A silent forest away from modern civilization,away from cars,away from annoying rude people,away from everything,that you could put your head down and rest.
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How would you look like if you were a forest animal?
I would be a wolf with a nice tail and awesome warm coat of fur.. :D
I'd be a fox creating chaos for the other forest animals! Pranking and causing trouble all day!
I would be a bird flying free of worries and disaster,with beautiful feathers glowing in the sun.
I would be the small troubled owl hiding in the trunk of the tree.. Dx.
I would be a farie bringing enchantment to the forest! Playing with all the animals and singing tunes all day long..
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What is your favorite pagan festivie?
The days of rebirth.. Imbolc.
Creation is life..Haha beltain. Should I say no more.
The days of devolpment. Summer solstice.
The days when it is the starting of death,the progress of rebirth. Samhain.
The days of rest,the days of yule.
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Each of us chooses a path. Which one do you choose?
Unknown,fate.[The middle path.]
Dark.[The left path.]
Light.[The right path.]
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Who is your/perfered god/goddess?
The holly king.
Goddess diane.
The horned one.
The green man/woman.
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