What Is Your Outlook On Life?
How do you see the world? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? A fantasist or a realist? An activist or a sensationalist? Take this quiz and find out!
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You see a glass that contains water. You…
Add some whiskey and drink it.
Write a folk song about water and the cycle of life.
Smash it against the wall.
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When it comes to the news, you…
Don’t want to know.
Read the gossip sites religiously.
Keep well-informed on current events.
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You believe
In getting a good night’s sleep.
Six impossible things before breakfast.
You can change the world.
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The history of humanity…
Can be best described through interpretive dance.
Is terrifying.
Is an amazing story of progress.
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Are our future.
Are a menace.
Are little angels from heaven. Or alien beings. One or the other.
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Could be the souls of our dearly departed, come back to watch over us.
Can engage in sexual intercourse with human beings, under certain circumstances.
Have no scientific basis.
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Those who claim to have been abducted by aliens…
Have been brainwashed by the CIA for some as-yet-unexplained nefarious purpose.
Mentally ill.
Think they are telling the truth.
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If you ever took up gardening, it would be…
Because it’s safer to produce your own food.
Because I love flowers.
Because it’s one of the only ways to meet fairies.
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When I get really angry…
I take my medication.
I make a sign.
I go for a brisk walk.
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