What Is Your Hippie Name?
If you were a hippie, what would your nickname be? Take this short quiz to find out!
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Would you rather?
Lie on a blanket with incense and intellectual conversations
Go white water rafting
See live music and dance so hard you almost fall over
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The sky turns dark and rain is impending, how do you feel?
Peaceful, storms make for good sleep.
Sad, rain ruins the party.
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Imagine yourself as a teen in the 60s, are you high?
Maybe … okay, yes.
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It’s time to make plans for the night, what’s your role?
Make the plans, someone’s gotta do it.
Commit to nothing and see where the night takes me.
Wait for others to plan, then jump on board.
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It’s picnic time, but no one brought a blanket. What do you do?
Abandon the plans and head for a restaurant.
Lie on the grass and use whatever you can find to keep the food off the ground.
Find some towels in the car and make do.
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Does small talk make you tired?
After a while.
Yes, immediately.
No, I love people and I dive right in.
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Do you have good stories?
Yes, crazy stuff just happens to me.
Yes, but you’ll never know them.
Yes, and I’m a great story teller.
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You enter a classroom with 20 chairs, where do you sit?
Back corner.
Front row.
Middle back.
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Is the world a good place?
No, so much heartbreak, but we do the best we can.
Yes! It’s all in how you look at it.
Depends on the day.
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