What is Your Hidden Talent?
You never know what amazing things you're capable of!
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Do you have membership at a gym?
Ooh! You just reminded me! I do! I should really go one of these days...
No. I dislike gyms
Yes. I go to the gym regularly.
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You go to a wedding and the bride is about to throw the bouquet. What do you do?
Do whatever it takes to catch it.
Stay in the general area, but I don't care whether I get it or not.
Personally I'd rather catch the garter.
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Do you have any pets?
Yes. I have one pet
No. I'm not an animal lover
I have lots of pets
I'm between pets at the moment
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When you were younger, did you ever sneak out of the house?
Maybe once or twice, but it really wasn't something I did that often.
All the time!
Nope. Never.
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A good friend invites you to a party that you really don't want to attend. What do you do?
Go but have a plan that will get me out of there in under an hour.
Make up a really good excuse to get out of it.
Try and make the best of it. I can make any party fun, given enough time!
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Which would you rather do?
Take an entire month off to just do nothing.
Dine out at the most expensive restaurant in New York.
Fly first class on a 12 hour flight
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Eggs Benedict
Cinnamon rolls.
Sausage, eggs and toast.
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If you could choose to speak one foreign language fluently, which would it be?
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When you play games, you play to:
Have a good time
I don't really play games
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