What is your fragrance personality?
What do your hobbies, interests and other traits say about you? Take our quiz and find out about your fragrance personality.
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What kind of music do you prefer?
Oldies or classical
R&B or jazz
Top 40 or hip-hop
Latin or dance music
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What's your favorite type of food?
Anything spicy
Comfort food
Fusion cuisine
Fresh, light food
3 / 7
What's your favorite drink?
Coffee or a beer
A glass of white wine
A chocolate martini
A pitcher of margaritas
4 / 7
What's your home decor style?
Romantic or farmhouse
Modern or contemporary chic
Traditional or cozy classic
Casual eclectic or beachy
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What's your signature piece of clothing?
A silk wrap dress
A roomy tote
A leopard fedora
A cashmere sweater
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What's your favorite workout?
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What did you do on your last date?
Danced until dawn
Biked at the park
Drank too much
Had dinner and saw a movie
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