What is Your Favorite Quality in a Boyfriend?
These 9 questions will give you a glimpse into your own heart and mind by pin-pointing the quality you are most attracted to in a partner.
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You join a dating site for the first time, and right away several matches appear. Based on their pictures, which guy do you reply to first?
The artsy looking guy with long hair ' you always wanted to date an artist.
The one who is the best looking and best dressed.
The rock climber because he is active and you like to date people with a lot of interests.
The one with the photos of his kids, that says to you that he is a caring and loyal person.
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What is your idea of a perfect first date?
A casual walk outside in nice weather.
A sports game with beer and cheering.
A fancy dinner where you both dress your best.
Attending an art exhibition.
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Your friends always tease you for having such a 'type.' What do they think your type is?
Men with kids
Nerdy guys
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Who was your first crush?
A pop star
A neighbor boy
A teacher
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Why did your last relationship end?
He wasn't in tune with his emotions.
We had different interests.
He cheated.
He was too clingy.
He didn't like my cat.
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What is the first thing you notice about a guy?
If he has a nice smile and laugh.
Whether he is well dressed.
His ring finger.
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You dress in a couple's costume for a Halloween party. What do you go as?
Ketchup and Mustard
Brad and Angelina
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You've been dating for a long time and he proposes. How did he do it?
It came out casually and naturally while you were having a comfortable evening in.
Surprised you with a weekend trip out of town and had a diamond already picked out.
He made a scavenger hunt of clues for you to find where he was waiting for you, and when you found him he read you a love letter and asked you to marry him.
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When you first started dating you realized you both have the same favorite movie. What genre is it?
Romantic Comedy
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