What is your EQ? Take the test!
Answer these 10 simple questions honestly and we'll try to determine your emotional intelligence score. You may be surprised.
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How old are you?
40 or above
Under 18
2 / 10
What kind of people are you drawn to?
None of the above
3 / 10
You win the lottery. What's your biggest concern?
None of the above
People you don't know
Needy friends
Family members
4 / 10
Which of these activities do you enjoy most?
Helping those who are less fortunate
Creating or inventing
Performing in front of people
Being lazy and binging on something
Socializing and meeting people
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Which activity sounds most exciting:
Climbing a mountain
Kayaking a sea
Impressing attractive people
Solving a hard problem
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A co-worker increasingly annoys you. What do you do?
Tell your co-worker what is bothering you
Suffer in silence
Make a complaint about the behavior to your supervisor
Talk about your coworker behind their back
7 / 10
How often do you criticize yourself when you make mistakes:
Almost Never
Almost always
8 / 10
When making an important decision, you:
Go with the easiest option
Follow your instincts
Rely on direction from other people
Guess randomly
None of the above
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When you use sites like Facebook, do you feel happier or unhappier?
10 / 10
Lastly, which of these is most important in choosing a partner?
Physical traits
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