What is your emotional age?
Your emotion age is older/younger than real age. Take this quiz to find out.
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What do you fear most?
Fear of failure
Fear of death
Fear of public speaking
Fear of age
Fear of losing my family
Fear of Ghost
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What kind of music do you like?
Dance/Rap/ Hip Hop
Pop/ R&B
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If you woke up and your house was burning down, what is the one thing you would grab on your way to safety? (Just only you is in there)
My expensive boots
Are you kidding me? Nothing. I have to survive first
My family photos
My iPhone
My pet
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Your significant other has promised to take you on a weekend trip for your birthday, but when the time comes there is a work obligation that they can’t escape. What is your reaction?
I’m upset at the situation, not at my partner, and I’ll get over it soon.
Screw that! There is every reason to hold a grudge! A promise is a promise!
Honestly that would be a deal breaker!
It’s ok, things come up and there is no point holding a grudge
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What is important to you when choosing a partner?
Good health insurance
Good taste
A warm heart
Financial stability
Ability to compromise
Good looks
Emotion maturity
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When you try something new but you fail, how do you act?
I analyze what went wrong and try again and again until I succeed.
I figure I probably wasn’t meant for that activity anyway, so I move on
I give up. I don’t like doing things I’m not good at
Try again, I believe you never improve at something you don’t put effort into
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