What is your couple decor style?
Your home reflects the personality, lifestyle and sense of style of both you and your partner. Discover a little about your couple decor style by taking this quiz. ------
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What do you usually do together on the weekends?
Have lunch with friends
Hang out at home
. Head to the flea market
Take a road trip
Go to the latest clubs
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What type of lighting fixtures dominate in your home?
Track lighting and pendant lights shades
Rustic iron lamps
Vintage lamps and wall sconces
Simple floor and table lamps
Chandeliers and lamps with silk shades
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What's your favorite date night restaurant?
Old fashioned diner
. French country restaurant
Asian fusion restaurant
Upscale Italian place
Mom and pop BBQ joint
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What's hanging on your walls?
Oil paintings in gilt frames
Sculptured wall art
Mismatched antique china
Family photos and framed artwork by your kids
Copper pots filled with dry sunflowers
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What's covering your bedroom windows?
Rich, carved shutters
Airy tab-top panels
Simple, white shutters
Rich, velvet draperies
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What type of flowers do you display in your home?
Wildflowers in a pitcher
Silk flowers in a formal vase
Fresh flowers in an antique vase
Don't usually have flowers
Tall, dramatic flowers in a sleek vase
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What does your partner usually drink?
Brandy or whiskey
Tequila shots
French wine
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What type of flooring is in your home?
Dark hardwood
Rustic stone
Tile, engineered wood and area rugs
A combination of vinyl and carpet
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If the two of you could buy any car, what would it be?
A hybrid
A VW Beetle
A Mercedes coupe
A Ferrari convertible
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