What is Your Brain's Gender?
Answer our questions to find out if your brain is more man or woman!
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You get a giftcard to Barnes and Noble. What do you spend it on?
How-to books
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In general, what is your approach to problem solving?
I take a broad, bigger-picture view.
I try to avoid it!
I use a mix of both
I focus on one small problem at a time until each aspect of a problem is solved.
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Your to-do list has several different types of projects, some of them very involved. How do you go about tackling the list?
I am good at multi-tasking, so I lump similar activities together and knock them out simultaneously.
I knock out the quickest, easiest tasks first, and then I move my focus to the more difficult and involved tasks.
I pick the biggest, toughest task and focus on it exclusively until I finish. No multi-tasking for me.
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You get in a fight with your significant other, but the next day you have plans to spend all day together. What do you do?
Forget about the night before, focus on having a nice day.
Stew a bit, because you can't forget the fight and what it means for you.
Put the fight on hold so it doesn't ruin your day, but return to it at a later time.
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What kind of arguer are you?
Passive aggressive
I let everything go as much as I can to avoid fights
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When you are attracted to someone, what do you notice first?
Their clothes
Their mannerisms
Their voice
Their body
Their whole 'vibe', including their looks
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You are in competition for first place in a giant contest, but a close friend is also competing against you. What do you think?
I don't even think about them, I want to win.
I'm neither a sore loser nor a sore winner so whatever happens will happen.
I worry about their feelings if they lose.
I hope they win so that we can avoid awkwardness, I'm not very competitive anyway.
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Choose which statement most closely describes you:
I am excellent with both.
I am good with remembering names and faces.
I am good with my hands and have good motor skills.
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What is your most negative quality according to others?
Not realizing when I hurt someone's feelings
Taking too long to get ready
Being selfish
Not listening
Not saying what I want
Being too blunt
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You and your partner are about to go out to dinner, and there's a new spot you would like to try, but you haven't yet settled on a place. What do you say?
'I'm a little bored with our usual choices and I'd really like to try something new.'
It's up to you.
'Let's go to that new spot on the corner.'
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