What Is Your Brain Good At?
9 simple questions to find out what kind of thinking your brain is good at.
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I like to relax by…
Reading a novel.
Solving a puzzle.
Listening to music.
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The best way to get to know a new romantic interest is by…
Going out to a club to listen to music together and dance.
Having a nice long chat over dinner.
Quietly observing how the person behaves over the course of several different activities.
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When it’s time to do my taxes…
I’ll do anything to avoid them – mow the lawn, do the dishes!
I get them done quickly. I keep very good records.
It’s important to have a good relationship with an accountant.
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If I needed new bookshelves…
It would be because I have too many books!
I would shop for them with a friend or listen to music to get in the right frame of mind.
I would design and build them myself.
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When I am feeling bad about something…
I talk my friend’s ear off about it.
I put on my earphones and go for a jog.
I carefully consider the problem from all angles.
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I believe that children…
Should be surrounded by stories and music.
Need to be outside as much as possible, playing in the fresh air.
Should be raised according to a specific parenting philosophy.
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When I get dressed in the morning…
Comfort and ease-of-movement are my first priorities.
I think about how others will perceive me.
I hardly know what I am putting on my body.
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I am easily distracted by…
Whispered conversations.
Movements seen out of the corner of my eye.
Loud or irritating noises, like traffic sounds or a crying baby.
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As I go about my day…
I stop to chat with other people as much as possible.
I often find myself humming and/or fidgeting.
I am constantly pondering a seemingly unsolvable problem.
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