What Is Your Actual Birth Name?
What would have been your perfect name?
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Your friend breaks up with their boyfriend. What do you do?
Go over with ice cream and movies. I'm in this with them.
Call them to see if they're okay.
Take them out on the town. They need to forget about their troubles for a while.
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Have you ever taken in any stray pets?
Of course! Lots of times!
I haven't, but I've caught stray animals and given them to friends who like animals more than I do.
Only once.
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How well do you deal with stress?
It depends on what is causing the stress. I'm good at dealing with work but when it's something involving the people I care about it can be very hard.
Easily. I'm good at compartmentalizing and letting go of things I have no control over.
Badly. I can't relax until whatever is stressing me has been dealt with.
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What do you worry about the most?
Family and friends
Current events
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You have an entire afternoon to spend at the mall. What do you do there?
I check out several tech stores.
I check out the clothes stores.
I wander and do some window-shopping.
I find a coffee shop, order a drink and do some people watching.
I find a bookstore and spend my entire time in there.
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What kind of pizza do you like?
Hawaiian pizza
Pepperoni pizza
All the meat please!
I don't really like pizza.
Just cheese, thanks!
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What did you do on your last vacation?
I went hiking or camping.
I went sightseeing.
I visited family or friends.
I went to the beach.
I stayed up and had fun being lazy.
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Have you ever called in sick even when you weren't?
No. But I used to fake illnesses to get out of school.
Yes. Sometimes you just don't feel like going into work.
Never. That's dishonest.
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What was your college experience like?
One long party!
Hard work! I took my studying seriously.
I didn't go to college.
Unpleasant. I didn't enjoy the environment.
It was very social, I made lots of friends, but also got good grades.
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Which exotic vacation would you rather go on?
A cruise around the world.
A trip to Antarctica.
A trip up the Amazon.
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A good friend loans you a book you didn't really want to read. What do you do?
Give it back, say I just didn't have time for it but thank them for the thought.
Read it. My friend wouldn't loan me the book if it wasn't important to them.
Pretend to read it.
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Which animal do you think is the cutest?
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