What House Should You Live In?
Answer these 9 simple questions to find out which house best suits your personality.
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You want to include a photograph of your family in your annual holiday cards. So you…
Hire a professional photographer and make all your family members wear matching outfits.
I’ll just email everyone a snapshot I took with my phone.
Have the children draw a group portrait with crayons and then scan the drawing and have it turned into holiday cards on the Internet.
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The next time you visit New York City, the first place you’ll go is…
To the gallery of my favourite up-and-coming artist. I want to snap up a painting before she becomes really famous
The top of the Empire State Building, of course!
The Museum of Natural History. The kids will love it.
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Most of my clothes…
Need to be specially dry-cleaned. I tend to like expensive fabrics.
Are jeans and t-shirts. Comfort is what’s important to me.
Are carefully chosen expressions of my personality and/or mood. I have a lot of very different items.
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I spend most of my spare time…
With friends.
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I like to read…
The classics. You know, Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen.
Mystery novels. Agatha Christie’s my old standby.
Contemporary literature. Whatever the Internet is buzzing about right now.
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A really good wedding present is…
A set of fine bone china.
A generous envelope full of cash, to put toward the honeymoon or a down payment for a house.
An unusual piece of art, perhaps a piece of pottery, that will appreciate in value over time.
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Your partner wants to buy you an expensive piece of jewelry. You say…
I want a diamond ring.
You’d prefer to buy a vacation timeshare in Los Cabos with the money.
Surprise me!
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You’ve had an unexpected windfall from a recently deceased great-aunt. What will you do with the extra money?
Invest it in safe stocks and bonds. Maybe it’ll put your children through school one day.
Give a large portion of it to your favourite charity. Now you can finally make a real difference for someone!
Buy a new car. You are in dire need of good transportation.
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What is your favourite meal to cook for others?
A full three-course meal featuring a hearty roast as the entree with potatoes and carrots on the side.
Cook? Who has time to cook? Let me find the takeout menu. Cook? Who has time to cook? Let me find the takeout menu.
Some fresh brown bread and homemade chicken soup, perhaps with strawberries and cream for dessert.
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