What Hamster Is Right For Me?
Look at it's eyes. Cute! Isn't it? Find out Which Hamster is right for you?
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Which Word Best Describes You?
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What Kind Of Music Do You Like?
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Your at the pet store, what hamster do you want?
The orange one that looks like an orange!
The small one that's playing on the wheel non stop!
The one that's climbing on top of all the others!
The small gray one!
The brown and tan one!
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Time to hold the hamster you want! But then he bites you, you:
You through him to the person beside you
You get really scared and you run out of the pet store screaming!
It's okay he's scared.
Get scared and drop him in his cage
You put him back in his cage
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What kind of cage do you want for hamster?
You want an aquarium for your hamster!
Cage with the huge wheel and the tubes flying all over the place!
Wire one with a few more levels
Cage that comes with all the stuff you need!
Cage that you made yourself!!!
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You take your hamster home what are you going to do now?
Let him sleep.
Play with him all day!
Go shopping for toys and stuff to spoil him with!!!!
Beg your parent for another hamster
Sit down and watch TV while your hamster is inspecting his new home.
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Your hamster is getting bored what toys will you buy him?
You just get him a few sticks from outside but you get him lots of treats!!!
You make your own toys for him.
Lots of chew toys! There teeth NEVER stop growing
You get him a ladder and LOOOads of tubes!
Get him all the toys in the store!!!
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