What Grade Are You In Mentally?
What grade describes your outlook on life?
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If a colleague has a problem at work, what do you do?
Fix it for them.
Do nothing. It's not my problem.
Wait to see if they ask me for help. If so, help them.
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Do you take lots of pictures on special occasions?
I always mean to but usually forget.
No. I'd rather just enjoy the moment.
Yes! I take boatloads!
I'll take a couple.
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How do you like to tackle a problem?
I ask people for advice.
I like to let it lie for a while and come back to it with a clear head.
Head on!
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Did you enjoy high school?
Eh. It was alright I guess?
Yes, I loved it! Some of my fondest memories are from that time!
Did you enjoy high school?
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Do you enjoy driving?
No. I hate it.
Yes! It's so relaxing.
I don't really know. I rarely do it.
It's alright. It gets me where I need to be.
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Do you find it easy to talk to a stranger?
No. It's usually awkward and hard.
Yes, there's always something to talk about.
I'm alright, but the other person needs to help the conversation along sometimes.
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Do you worry about the state of the world?
Only if the problem is something that is likely to affect me personally.
No. I figure it can take care of itself.
Yes. All the time.
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When was the last time you learned to do something new?
Last year.
Not since I left school.
I'm always learning new things! It keeps me young!
Sometime this year.
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What's your favorite hot drink?
Hot chocolate.
Hot buttered rum!
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