What Goal Should You Set?
Most of us set personal goals for ourselves every so often. What should you aim for in the next year? Take our short quiz to find out.
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How often do you talk to someone in your family that doesn't live with you?
Every month or so
Every day or a few times a week
A few times a year or less
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Do you cook more or eat out more?
I eat out almost all of the time.
I cook almost all of the time.
I eat out more than I cook.
I cook more than I eat out.
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Which of these do you relate to most?
I want to do something that will challenge me to my core.
I want to leave a legacy in the world.
I want to finally go after the life I want.
I want to take better care of myself.
I want better relationships.
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What do you most want to share with the world?
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If you won the lottery, would you keep your current job?
No, I'd be gone in a flash.
I might go part-time so I could pursue other things, too.
Yes, I love it.
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Which of these do you say most often to yourself?
None of these.
I need to work out more.
I need to do more with my life.
I need to get out of this job.
I need to eat better.
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You just won an award and you head to the podium. What's next?
None of these.
I'm beaming and ready to give my speech.
I can't imagine why I would win an award.
I'm proud, but embarrassed. Too much attention!
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What does that little voice in your head tell you to go do?
Figure out how to simplify life.
Exactly what I'm doing!
Pick up that creative hobby I've always wanted to.
Chase my dreams.
Work harder to achieve my goals.
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You had a great day and you're getting in your car to go home. What do you do?
I call a family member to share my good day.
I call a friend to share my good day.
I sing all the way home to my favorite song, stoked!
Figure out how tomorrow can be even better.
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