What "Frozen" Character Are You?
Are you more Elsa, Anna, or... Olaf? Take this fun quiz to find out which character from the hit animated movie Frozen you're most like!
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What is your greatest fear?
I’m afraid of losing my best friend
I’m afraid of never having my own kingdom to run
I’m afraid of being alone for the rest of my life
I’m afraid of falling apart
I’m afraid of being hurt, cheated, or cursed
I’m afraid of hurting someone
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Do you believe in love at first sight?
Absolutely. With all my heart
I suppose it could happen
No way. How could you possibly truly love someone you don’t even know?!
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Choose a color.
Ice Blue
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When you get angry, your friends would describe you as…
I almost never get angry!
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How do you feel about trolls?
I’ve never met a troll.
They’re like family to me!
The only trolls I know are the ones on the internet.
They seem okay.
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What is your dream?
To be able to control my powers.
To find my soul mate.
To own a beach house on a tropical island.
To live a happy life outside, at one with nature.
To lead a kingdom.
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What is your best quality?
My loyalty.
My ability to love.
My innocence.
My intelligence.
My gift for friendship.
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It’s time for a snack. What’ll you have?
A snow cone.
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What’s your favourite song from Frozen?
Love Is An Open Door.
In Summer.
Fixer Upper.
Let It Go.
For the First Time in Forever.
Reindeer Are Better Than People.
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