What Famous Writer Are You?
Perhaps your writing style avoids comparison. Or so you think. Take this quiz todiscover which famous author'sstyle your style most closely resembles.
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Which word best describes you as a writer?
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What is your drink of choice?
Water in a glass
Cheap red wine
Loose leaf Earl Grey
Red Bull
Chai tea
surprise me!
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What inspires you?
The NYT bestseller list
Iron Man 3
My typewriter, cigarettes, bottle of wine
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How much do you write each day?
What the muse tells me
500 words, 499 of which I scratch out
As much as I can fit in between my 3 jobs
My research is coming along swimmingly
Like Dostoyevsky I focus on quality, not quantity
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What's your favourite word?
Free lunch
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Would you ever write about yourself?
Yes, because I'm a rebel and I want a character to represent that
Definitely. I would love to write about my family and friends, too
My characters are generally more interesting than I am, so not really.
No, but I make some interesting characters based on people I know
Not directly, although I might create a character that's based on my dark side.
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How spontaneous of a writer are you?
It may look very spontaneous, but actually it takes a very long time to complete all my research and writing.
One sitting is usually all it takes for me.
It depends on what day it is or what mood I'm in. I usually spend a lot of time on narrative and character creation.
It's pretty easy to get my ideas together, but writing the story takes time.
First I make a general outline. Then I make a rough draft. Then over time I do some revisions and the finished product is always an excellent story.
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