What Famous Man is Your Soulmate?
Ever wondered who your celebrity soulmate is? Take this quiz and find out!
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It’s a snowy, freezing night, and you and your significant other are staying in to cuddle on the couch watching movies. What kind of movie do you choose?
A big-budget dark comedy with unforgettable performances by amazing actors
A movie about an ingeniously planned bank heist with a charming male lead
A hysterical, slapstick-style comedy
A charming romantic comedy
A witty, intelligent drama with an inspiring plot line
A brilliant psychological drama with plenty of twists and turns
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Which one would you say best describes your personal style?
I love looking gorgeous, sexy and glamorous at all times. I especially enjoy dressing up for fancy events and charity balls
I always manage to look great in a nice cotton blouse and jeans. I dress for comfort first, and style second. No stilettos for me, thank you!
Artfully eclectic and Bohemian. I can make a paper sack look meaningful and stylish at the same time
Professionally stylish. Business casual with a hint of sexy
I am impeccably dressed at all times in the trendiest fashions, from head to toe. I even choose my lingerie to match my purse!
Casual and Natural. I don’t need to put in a lot of effort to look beautiful
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The love of your life just surprised you with a vacation! Where are you going?
We’re going to set sail on a yacht down the French Riviera
Thailand. We’re really into Thai food and culture. We might even get matching tattoos once we’re there
We’re going to do volunteer work for a couple of weeks at an orphanage in Honduras. Then we might hit the beach for a couple of days afterward
We’re on our way to the Italian countryside. We’re going to rent an Italian villa and invite a few good friends to come and stay with us to drink wine and eat great food
We’re going to Cancun! Viva, Mexico
We’re going to New York City to see the sights and see some comedy shows
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You’re planning a dinner party for four couples. What are you planning for the after-dinner entertainment?
vodka and go night swimming
We’ll watch some indie movies and drink absinthe
We’re going to drink rum and coke, and play charades
We’re going to do tequila shots and play Texas Hold’em
We’re serving cocktails and giving a talk about the charity we’re supporting this year. Hopefully our friends will decide to donate
The bartender will serve red wine, champagne and scotch, and everyone will mingle. No need to plan something structured
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Who’s your favorite leading lady?
Kate Winslet
Renee Zellweger
Reese Witherspoon
Angelina Jolie
Julia Roberts
Kiera Knightley
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Which of the following do you imagine your significant other driving?
A sleek, expensive Aston Martin
A Lincoln Crossover SUV. Or a Motorcycle
Not important. Whatever it takes to get from point A to point B
A private jet, or a yacht
A big family car, like a suburban or a minivan
A Prius. The environment is important to me
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The United States produces some very different accents, depending on the region. What’s the sexiest US accent for a man, in your opinion?
I prefer Canadian accents, eh!
Kentucky, or the deep South accent.
Oklahoman accent
Los Angeles, or California accent
The Texas twang
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What’s your favorite band?
U2, Coldplay and The Muse
The Rolling Stones
Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd
Marvin Gaye and Al Green
Bob Marley
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You and your soulmate have decided to adopt a pet together. What are you going to adopt?
A giant tortoise
A lizard
A potbellied pig
We’re going to adopt an English Bulldog, or a Pug—or any dog breed with a flat-nose that snores
A Great Dane
We’re going to rescue a homeless puppy from a shelter
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