What Dragon leaks in your blood?
This is the quiz to see what dragon is lurking inside of you.
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What is your favorite color?
White, Silver or shiny colors
Bright, exotic colors
Black, Red, or just darker colors
Blue’s or Greys
Green, Brown, Yellow or natural colors
Gold, Bronze or uncommon colors
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Which pair of words describes you?
Stability, Tranquility
Leadership, Purity
Power, Strength
Peace, Creativity
Charm, Indignation
Acquisitiveness, Immoral
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Where do you prefer to live if you had one of these options?
Natural Wildlife places (i.e. Forest, Mountains, Woods..etc)
Underworld, Core of Earth or Dark isolated places
Underground, Underwater or unseen places
Heavens or places above
Clouds or Sky in general
Anywhere really will due
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How are you around other people?
Cautious, Quiet, Calming
Quick-Tempered, Loyal, Cocky
Open-Minded, Non-Judgemental, Influential
Angered, Antisocial, Narcissistic, Greed filled
Peaceful, Creative, Calm
Courageous, Loving, Leader like
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What are you as a person like on the inside?
Colorful, Overthinker, Creative
Quiet, Wishful, Touchy, Hurt
Hope Filled, Perfectionist, Affectionate
Observant, Acceptent, Thoughtful
Broken, Agonized, Misunderstood
Opinionated, Thoughtful, Open-Minded
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If someone was threatening you or another, how would you react?
Snap at them and threaten them back
Stand up for yourself and if that doesn’t work report them
Think about what to do before stepping in to try stopping it
Stand up to them and express your mind
Try and carefully talk it out with the person and if that doesn’t work just walk away
Attack them, they have messed with the wrong person
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If you had to choose an energy (power if you must), which would you choose out of the following?
Rain, Thunder, Rainbow (Color)
Weather or Natural Disasters
A God or higher power
The Elements of Life (Water, Fire, Earth, Air)
Death, or Dark Energies
Seasons or Nature
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