What do your friends think about you?
Take this quiz to get your friend's minds about you.
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Do you often make a joke?
I like it
I don't like joke
Always! My dream is become a comedian
I just like to see others make a joke
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What’s about you eating habit?
Eating to release stress
Eating on time with healthy diet every day
Eating whenever I hungry
Following a clean diet
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When you're depressed or upset, what do you do?
Do what I like most
Chill at home and distract yourself with TV or a book
Stay with my family
Eat a lot
Invite some friends over to watch a movie and chat
Call up a friend and pour out all your problems in great detail
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What do you think about the people who are jealous with you and make difficulties for you?
Ignore them
I’ll give them exactly what they gave me
I don’t care
I always think about revenging
I’ll try to understand them
Talk to them to get the reason
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If your parents finally bought you that awesome cell phone. What do you do?
Call to my best friend
Give all your friends a call, of course!
Wave it in people's faces yelling "Don't you wish you had one?"
Take a selfie and post on facebook
Burst into a conversation circle while pretending to be talking on the new phone.
Show it to your friends at lunch
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Which of these following pictures do you like most?
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