What Do Boys Think of you?
What do guys really think of you when they first see you.
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What is your favorite color?
Bold Colors
Light colors like yellow or pink
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If the school hottest guy just asked you out but he is a jerk what would you say?
Nope with the poping of the P
Just because your hot does not mean you can act like a jerk so the answer is NO
I would say maybe
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Which would you rather do?
Listen to music
Go party or a sports game
Hang with friends
Go skateboard
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What is your favorite time of day?
Early Morning
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What would be the perfect way to be asked out?
No games just for him to come straight to me and ask it
He would spray paint it on the wall Will You Go Out With Me?
He would take me to the beach a write in the sand Please Be My Beauty so I can be your beast
Being at the skate park and he puts a bunch of skateboards together that spell Be Mine
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What do you think of yourself?
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What do you look like?
Medium size. Wavy Red hair and brown eyes
Maybe a bit tall brown eyes and brown hair
Short. Strait brown hair. blue eyes
Tallish. Wavy blonde hair. Blue eyes.
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