What costume should you wear this Halloween?
Halloween is fast approaching and chances are you have been invited to a costume party or two. Take this quick quiz to find out your ideal Halloween costume.
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What color scheme is most prominent in your closet?
Vampy colors like black, gray and plum
Vibrant look-at-me colors like fuchsia, turquoise and red
Soft feminine colors like pastel pink, lavender and white
Bright and cheerful shades like red and yellow as well as lots of prints
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What's your favorite kind of Halloween candy?
Miniature candy bars.
Any candy with a funny name.
Members of the opposite sex.
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Which tv show do you like after a long day ?
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because they are really making a difference in people lives
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, the stuff he eats is disgusting but cool at the same time
The Hills for the never ending drama, drama, drama those girls get into
American Idol, especially the hilarious tryouts
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What is your ideal way to spend a Saturday night?
At a rave, skydiving or going to a sporting event
Cuddled up with your sweetie, watching a chick-flick
Bowling with friends or hanging out at a dive bar
With your girls at the latest hotspot, chatting up a hottie
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What is your cocktail of choice?
A Cosmopolitan
Jack and Coke
A Blue Moon
Pinot Grigio
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What fall footwear trend have you been rocking?
Soft suede booties with skyscraper heels
Birdcage stilettos with lots of studs and zippers
UGGs, just like last year
Over-the-knee boots
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Which best describes relationship/lifestyle status?
A young, single professional, serious about my work.
A hip, sexy young person who likes to have fun.
n a relationship, with kids.
Young and free-spirited, looking to have fun.
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