What condition is your heart in?
Doesn't matter whether you're single or attached.Get the truth here!
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Firstly,did you ever fall in love or been in a relationship?
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Which of this describe your status right now?
I'm in a relationship
I've just broke up with my boyfriend/girlfriend recently
I have a crush with someone
I'm single and I don't have anyone in my heart
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Which of this relate to you the most?
I'm not in love or even relationships;but I'm looking for one.
I've just broke up with my lover.He/She betrayed or deceived me.
I'm don't think about love now.I'm single and I love it!
I'm not in a relationship;but I'm in love with this guy/girl so much,except that he/she don't love me the way i do;or maybe he/she do love me but we're not together.I've tried to move on but it's kinda hard.
I'm in love with that special someone and most probably he/she loves me too;but we're not in relationship yet though.
I've broke up with my boyfriend/girlfriend about a month/a few weeks ago and I am in the process of getting over him/her.
I've broke up with my lover;but it seems that I can't get over him/her.
I used to love someone;but not anymore now.I'm single and I don't seems to have anyone in my heart.I don't seems to fall in love or even having crush on someone anymore.
I'm in a relationship;but it's very complicated now.
I'm totally in love and I really hope this relationship will last long!
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Which of this word express your emotions the most?
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Which of this quote relate to you the most?
Live life to the fullest!
True love waits.
Sometimes we fall in love blindly without even realized that we're falling into a trap.
Never give everything in love;because when one day they left,you have nothing.
You never know how strong you are;until being strong is the only choice you have.
In life;when you have nothing,you will look for something to fill those emptiness simply to feel complete.
Love make us feel like as if we're living in fairy tales.
Things keep changing in times;that's the reason why bad things could turn good while good things could also turn bad.
Letting someone entering your heart is the same as allowing someone to destroy you.
Sometimes the only way to not feel hurts is to turn off your feelings.
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Which of this describe 'LOVE' the most?
Love is wonderful!
Love is not that easy to get!
Love is equal to hurts!
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