What Colour Is Your Aura?
We all give off a unique energy and this is visible around us as our aura. Just take this quiz and we'll tell you what colour your aura is!
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You won a chance to book any of these famous 1960's bands for your wedding. Which would it be?
The Rolling Stones
The Beach Boys
The Beatles
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You just got a chance to enjoy a free vacation in one of three spots. What would you pick?
A Caribbean Cruise
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You get to select the restaurant for your birthday party. Which is it?
A 1950's Themed Burger Place
Spicy Thai Food
A Seafood House
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You just got hired for your dream job. What is it?
Beach Bar Manager
Major Publishing House Editor
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You get a chance to repaint the inside of your entire house without worrying about the cost. What do you do?
Select different color schemes for each room
Paint it all white because it is easier to maintain
Paint every wall in the house the same bold color
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Visualize your ideal retirement home. What do you see?
A nice condo near your kids and grandkids and some nice cultural activities
Hey, I'm getting an RV!
That beach house seems lovely.
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If you could change something about your time in high school, what would it be?
I should have joined more clubs and activities.
I should have kept my grades higher.
Man, I wish I wouldn't have wrecked my mom's car.
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What do you wear at home when you don't have to go out?
PJ's or a nightie
Whatever I find clean in the laundry basket
Jeans and a comfortable T shirt
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Which shoes do you wear most commonly for casual wear?
Athletic shoes
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