What Color Wolf Are You?
Find out what color wolf that you would be that best descibes your personality.
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What best describes your personality?
Independent, Loner
Happy, excited, cheer people up
Show personality, not afraid to speak up
Knowledgeable, leader
Quiet, shy, go with the flow
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What is your favorite season?
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If you saw a fight, what would you do?
Try to break them appart
Ask someone for advice
Walk away unless is someone you know, than help
Call for help than stop them
Go in and help fight
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How do you act around your friends?
Tell jokes, act crazy and hyper!
Let them do the talking, I just listen
Talkitive, chat about everything
Dont have many friends, cautiouse around others
Talk about plans, do trivia with them
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What do you do in spare time?
Play crosswords and other mind games
Run, active
Draw, be creative
Help others
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Whats your favorite subject in school?
English, poetry
Facts, cooking
Science, Math
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How close are you to family?
Invite them over constantly, call them every week
I will talk if they call me but thats it
Very, I will always be in touch with them
Talk to them every now and then...
Not very, I'm trying to live my own life now
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What is your love life like?
Relationship every now and then, if they can put up with me
Afraid of relationships, heartbroken
No one seems to notice me
I have very close others that I hope I will be with
I have a partner that I will always love
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