What Color Should You Paint Your Room?
Blue, pink, red or white? What color should you paint your room? Find out now!
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Which of the following sounds like your most ideal vacation?
A new-age, artist retreat in New Mexico.
Camping in a national forest.
Relaxing on the beach at a beautiful resort.
Skiing in the Alps or in Aspen, Colorado.
An exciting trip to New York City.
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What's your hardest emotion to control?
Sadness or depression.
Excitement, Silliness or Giddiness.
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Of the following subjects, which one are you best at?
Leadership, Psychology or other interpersonal studies.
I'm great at all of these things.
Language, Reading and Writing.
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What's your favorite thing to shop for?
Furniture or Home Decor.
Books, DVDs, Music, etc.
Lingerie, makeup, perfume or cologne, hair products or other beauty items.
Candles, incense, tarot cards or other esoteric items.
Sports shoes or workout clothing.
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Which of the following color groups do you normally wear?
Earth tones.
Black, Dark blue or Grey.
I don't follow a particular color scheme. A little bit of everything.
Bright, vibrant colors in all shades.
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What kind of music do you like the best?
R&B or Soul.
Pop music, Rap music, Country, I love a little bit of everything!
Rap, Hard Rock, or Hip-Hop.
Indie music.
Tibetan chants, binaural beats, or classical music.
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How much time do you spend in your room alone?
An average amount.
I'm never home. I only use my room to sleep.
Very little. I spend more time in other rooms of the house than in my room.
A lot.
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Do you watch TV in your room?
No, I watch TV in another room in my house.
I don't watch TV at all.
I watch TV at other people's houses, never at mine.
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