What Color of the Rainbow Are You?
Have you ever wondered what color of the rainbow matches your personality? Take this short quiz to find out!
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How would you like to get to work every day?
Public transportation. I could use the travel time to work or call my friends and catch up.
A moped. They’re cute and super-fun to ride!
An SUV. I need lots of room for my carpool or my next big project.
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You’re at a company meeting. Your boss asks for volunteers for a tough job. What do you do?
Don’t make eye contact, and hope someone else volunteers.
Volunteer, of course. I’m always up for a challenge
It would be great if someone else volunteered, but if no one is willing to do it, you’ll step up and take the job.
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If your life were a movie, what kind of flick would it be?
A hilarious story about the adventures of you and your funny friends.
A historical drama about a big change in the world.
A romantic comedy with a happy ending.
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Your favorite place to eat out is…
You’re always up for trying new places—you don’t like establishing a routine
The neighborhood bar.
I’d rather cook and eat in.
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Are you a cat person, or a dog person?
A dog person. Dogs are so friendly and fun!
A cat person. Cats are loving, but they also give you your space.
I’m really more of a goldfish person. They require almost no time and attention, and they’re pretty to look at!
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If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Africa or India. I could do so much good there.
Europe. There are some amazing job opportunities there, and the countries are gorgeous!
The USA, where people are equal and free.
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You see your favorite celebrity walking down the street. What do you do?
You’re stunned speechless. You don’t recover for several days.
Take a picture with your phone, but don’t approach.
Walk right up, tell them how much you admire them, and ask for an autograph.
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What is your ideal kind of job?
A fun job with great co-workers. You want to work somewhere where everybody likes and respects one another.
A job that changes all the time. You like a challenge!
A job where you can make a difference. You want to help people on a daily basis.
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