What Cat Breed Are You?
Have you ever wondered what breed of cat matches your personality? Take this short quiz to find out!
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Would you ever go to a concert alone?
If I loved the band and couldn’t find ANYONE to go with … maybe.
No. Way. I would BEG a friend to go before I’d go alone.
Yes, it’s no big deal.
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Which describes you best?
I have no idea.
I listen more than I speak.
Um, I talk a lot.
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What kind of hugger are you?
I try to avoid hugs unless it’s family or best friends.
I tend to go for the hug before the other person.
If the other person goes for the hug, I’m in.
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You get to your friend’s house and SURPRISE, plans have changed! What’s your reaction?
Smile, nod, wait to hear the new plan before reacting.
Awesome, where are we headed?
Uh, huh?!? … wait … can we talk about this?
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You’ve ended up in a serious convo with someone new and they ask a personal question, what do you do?
Tell the person it’s an inappropriate question.
Answer it.
Politely avoid it.
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Are you funny?
Yes! Funnier than people seem to realize!
No. Not really.
Maybe a little?
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You’re on a plane and the kid behind you keeps kicking your seat. What do you do?
Grin and bear it. All part of flying coach.
Say nothing for a while, then ask the kid to stop … perhaps a little too meanly. Oops?
Turn around and politely ask the parents to handle the situation.
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Are you easily amused?
Yep. This quiz is cracking me up.
No. Making me laugh is not easy.
Sometimes. Depends on my mood.
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Are you shy?
No, I’m just quiet, darn it!
Yes, a little.
Nope, can’t shut me up and I’ve never met a stranger.
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