What Cat Breed Are You?
Have you ever wondered what breed of cat matches your personality? Take this short quiz to find out!
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Would you ever go to a concert alone?
No. Way. I would BEG a friend to go before I’d go alone.
If I loved the band and couldn’t find ANYONE to go with … maybe.
Yes, it’s no big deal.
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Which describes you best?
I have no idea.
I listen more than I speak.
Um, I talk a lot.
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What kind of hugger are you?
I try to avoid hugs unless it’s family or best friends.
I tend to go for the hug before the other person.
If the other person goes for the hug, I’m in.
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You get to your friend’s house and SURPRISE, plans have changed! What’s your reaction?
Awesome, where are we headed?
Uh, huh?!? … wait … can we talk about this?
Smile, nod, wait to hear the new plan before reacting.
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You’ve ended up in a serious convo with someone new and they ask a personal question, what do you do?
Tell the person it’s an inappropriate question.
Politely avoid it.
Answer it.
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Are you funny?
Yes! Funnier than people seem to realize!
No. Not really.
Maybe a little?
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You’re on a plane and the kid behind you keeps kicking your seat. What do you do?
Say nothing for a while, then ask the kid to stop … perhaps a little too meanly. Oops?
Grin and bear it. All part of flying coach.
Turn around and politely ask the parents to handle the situation.
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Are you easily amused?
Yep. This quiz is cracking me up.
Sometimes. Depends on my mood.
No. Making me laugh is not easy.
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Are you shy?
No, I’m just quiet, darn it!
Nope, can’t shut me up and I’ve never met a stranger.
Yes, a little.
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