What Career Should You Have?
9 simple questions will help you figure out what kind of career you should have
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You are most likely to spend your vacation…
Volunteering in a developing country -- teaching in a village school or helping to build a well, that kind of thing.
Visiting Spain to check out the architecture -- and the beautiful people!
Hiking in the Grand Canyon.
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You buy a new kitchen appliance and it breaks almost as soon as you get it home, so you…
Tinker with it, trying to figure out its design flaws, and then fix it by yourself.
Immediately write a letter to the CEO of the company that manufactured it, demanding a refund or a replacement. Or, if you’re angry enough, both.
Absentmindedly toss it in the garbage, and spend the rest of the day musing about the fragility of all things, the impermanence of time, and the vagaries of the capitalist system.
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You really admire women like…
Hildegard of Bingen, a religious mystic in tenth century Germany and that country’s first female doctor.
Barbara Morgan, the first teacher in space.
Angelina Jolie. Beautiful and talented, she does important humanitarian work, too.
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When I have an hour or so free for exercise, I like to…
Pilates. It makes the body long and lean, like a dancer’s.
Train for my next triathlon.
Go for a long, vigorous walk. It’s not only refreshing, but you can also observe a lot of interesting natural phenomena along the way.
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The human body
Consists of up to 60 percent water.
Is something to carry the brain around.
Is a work of art.
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You're in a coffee shop, spending the morning with a group of friends. What are you most likely to be discussing?
A brand new study linking neurological disorders with gut bacteria.
The best fashion and lifestyle bloggers we've come across this year.
The atmosphere of exoplanets and the Curiosity rover on Mars.
Julianne Moore's performance in Still Alice.
String theory and quantum mechanics.
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Which of the following events would you most want to attend?
An autopsy of a human body.
A Broadway play.
A New York fashion show.
A NASA rocket launch.
A speech given by Stephen Hawking.
The annual Kant Congress in Vienna.
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Do you consider yourself introverted or extroverted?
I'm an introvert.
I'm both.
I'm an extrovert.
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Your friend is going through a difficult time and just told you the sad details of her problems. How do you process the information?
I immediately internalize the problem, imagining that it's mine to properly evaluate how it would affect me.
I focus on her and her life, not on mine. My feelings are not valid here.
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