What Career Should You Actually Have?
Ever wondered what career you were actually meant for? Answer these 10 simple questions to find out!
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When it comes to jobs, you'd rather...
Do what makes you happy
Do what pays the most
Do what helps others
Something else
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Deep down, you think you're more...
Something else
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When it comes to outdoor activities, which appeals most to you...
Running a marathon
Kayaking a nice, long lake
Camping out in the forest
Skydiving off a plane
Something else
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Generally, which would you prefer to do...
Solving problems with science
Coming up with a new recipe
Creating something visually appealing
Making something people will use
Helping people with their problems
Telling a story with words
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When it comes to personal hygiene, you'd mostly say...
I take it very seriously (and believe everyone should)
I think it's important, but not always
I honestly don't care very much
I don't really know what that is
I'd rather not say
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For just one day, you'd choose to live...
In a forest
On a boat
On a tree
None of the above
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When it rains, you...
Enjoy it
Hate it
It depends
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Does the weather affect your mood?
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Do you generally care what others think?
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Be honest, you tend to live (or dwell) more...
In the future
On the past
In the present
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