What are you Hiding Deep Down?
Coming from a person who is depressed, in fear, used, betrayed, ditched, cheated on, broken, and holding a grudge, I assure you this quiz will tell you what you're hiding
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You wake up from a text from your friend saying your crush is married, you....
Say "I kinda had a feeling something had been going on"
Get really upset and try to find out if it's true
Oh my god! Who's this lady/man he/she is with!?! Where do they live?! Because I'm sure this husband/wife won't make it out of MY world!
No one really texts me/I don't have a crush
As long as he/she is happy then that's okay with me
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Have you ever been betrayed before?
Maybe but I can't remember if so.
Yes, it kinda hurts to talk about it...
Kinda, I always fear someone I love will betray me
yes and i will make sure that person suffers
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Are you lonely?
Nope, but sometimes I get bored.
Of course I am. But I try not to show it.
Not really but a trustworthy person would be kinda nice
All the time. It feels terrible, and the worst thing about it is I don't think anybody cares.
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So let's say it's Spring break. What do you do?
Listen to music, maybe watch a few movies.
No school!!! So it gives me time to plot out revenge on that "one person" who really deserves it *smirks*
Try to hang out with the people I love :D it'll make me happier
Something quiet, maybe just hang out around my house or go to the mall
I don't feel like doing anything...
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Are you ever abused by someone?
Kinda...I have a fear I may get beaten sometimes and I'm afraid of if it does happen
Yes, it hurts a lot
My heart is abused, torn, ripped, shattered, but somehow it still works. Phisically I haven't been abused
Not really
If I ever was, I'd make sure they'd get what they deserved *smirks*
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What's your mood right now?
On the verge of screaming for help
Kind of angry, as always.
In the mood to talk to someone, anyone
Fearing something bad will happen, as always
Barely hanging on.
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