What Are You Addicted To?
There’s something you just can’t resist…
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As soon as I walk in the door after work I…
Check my email to see if anything important happened at the office on my way home.
Kiss my significant other.
I don’t go straight home after work – I go shopping!
Grab a treat from my stash of chocolate bars.
Zone out for a little while on Pinterest.
Check my phone.
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You’ve had a terrible day. Your boss yelled at you, your sandwich was moldy, and you almost got ran over by a bus. What do you do to feel better?
I flirt with a co-worker.
I have a stiff drink.
I eat dinner out, at a fancy restaurant.
I go for a run.
I hypnotise my cares away with a few rounds of Candy Crush.
I text the whole story to my best friend.
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The zombies are coming. You have time to get only one of the following things. What will it be?
My boyfriend or girlfriend, of course!
My iPad.
All the gold jewelry I can get my hands on – I can melt it down to trade.
My briefcase.
My smartphone.
A duffel bag of canned goods.
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Choose a New Year’s Resolution.
To join an online dating site.
To exercise more.
To go on a diet.
To have weekly date nights with my spouse.
To pay off my credit card bills.
To take a vacation this year.
To read more books this year.
To go on a break from technology.
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What are you watching on Netflix tonight?
Brewster’s Millions.
When Harry Met Sally.
Like Water for Chocolate.
Nine to Five.
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Can an addiction ever be a good thing?
Absolutely not.
I’m not sure.
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You just got a promotion at work! How will you celebrate?
I’m going to buy a new phone!
I’m going to stay late and move into my new office!
I’m going to announce it on Facebook, Twitter, and on my personal blog!
I’m going away for the weekend with my significant other!
I’m going to pick up a bottle of champagne and some caviar!
I’m going to buy a whole new outfit and shoes to match!
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On a business trip, your plane crashes in the remote jungle. What most upsets you?
Being out of touch with the office.
Not being able to buy what I need.
Not being able to check Facebook or watch videos.
Being away from my significant other.
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You’re in the dentist’s office. Choose a magazine.
Never mind. I’ll just read my phone.
The Economist.
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