What Animal Were You In A Past Life?
Have you ever wondered which animal you were before you were you? Take this simple quiz to find out!
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Which place would you most like to live?
Up in the sky
In the mountains
In the jungle
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You see someone in trouble. Your first reaction is to:
Wait a moment to assess the situation.
Call someone else for help.
Run over and help them immediately!
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You realize you forgot a friend's birthday. What do you do?
I would never forget a friend's birthday!
Panic at first, then immediately call to apologize and buy them a really nice gift.
Call them when you get a chance, but you're not too worried about it.
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Which most closely describes your ideal vacation?
A romantic getaway with the person I love.
An solo adventure in an unknown land!
Renting a beach house with a group of close friends.
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If you could be friends with one female celebrity, who would it be?
Katy Perry - she's a wild and crazy girl!
Natalie Portman - she's smart AND talented!
Jennifer Aniston - she seems nice and down to Earth.
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What's the most important thing to do in life?
Make money to take care of me and my family
See and experience as much as possible
Just be happy!
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What is the best gift someone can give you?
A day at the spa.
A book.
A surprise party!
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What's your favorite season?
Summer - I love taking trips and going to the beach!
Fall or Spring - I love seeing the seasons change.
Winter - I love curling up by the fire when it's snowing.
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If you were throwing a party and money was no object, what would it be?
A rich banquet with all of the most delicious food money can buy.
A masquerade ball where everyone's identity is a mystery.
Champagne and caviar on a private yacht.
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