What Animal Are You Truly At Heart?
This quiz will give you a rough idea of what your true animal is. I will have a series of questions for you to take, and anwser TRULY. Well i guess. . . . . . . You better get started.
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You're invited to a party. What do you do?
I'm definitely not there!
Talk to everyone and have a great time
Quietly hold a conversation with a few people
Politely fit in, but avoid attention
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What's the best way to drive a car?
Slow and relaxed
3 / 7
You'd describe yourself as...
Pretty Confident
Calm and grateful
Smart and thoughtful
Different and unique
Very trustworthy
4 / 7
Among people who know you, what are you known for?
None of these
Being a bit distant
Making people laugh
Lending a hand
5 / 7
You need to relax. What do you do?
None of these
Call a friend
Go for a walk
Eat/drink something refreshing
6 / 7
You remember things easily...
It depends
7 / 7
Lastly, you consider yourself to be more...
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