What Adventures Are Waiting For You?
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Do you consider yourself as a risk taker?
Not really
It depends
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Where do you tend to feel most at peace?
In the wood
By the water
In a cozy bed
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Do you get homesick easily?
Not at all
It depends on how long I'm gone for
Very easily
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What's your ideal traveling companion like?
Someone who's laid-back
Someone who will go with the flow
My significant other
Someone who will push me to try new things
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What do you tend to usually do first when arriving in a new place?
Get something to eat
It depends
Walk around the city
Try to figure out what events are going on
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Which of these places would you rather stay at on vacation?
A hostel
I'm not sure
A tent outside
A cabin
A beach house
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Would you rather be interacting with the locals or relaxing by yourself?
Interacting with locals
I'm fine with either
Relaxing by myself
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Do you prefer a rugged or a luxurious vacation?
I don't really care
I'd prefer a luxurious vacation like relaxing at the beach
I like a rugged adventure like hiking through the woods
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Do you like to learn about new cultures?
Not really
It depends
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What would be your reason for going on vacation?
To relax
To get away
To experience new things
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