What Adjective Best Describes You?
9 simple questions to find out what adjective best describes you based on your personality. The answer may surprise you!
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If someone asked you to name your best characteristic, what would you say?
My beauty
My influence
My faith
My joy
My optimism
My energy
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Finish the following statement: 'If one door closes, _______'
Open a window
Another one opens
Who needs that stupid door!
Just wait in the hallway
That door was not for you
It will open again
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When you hang out with a group of friends, what do you usually do?
I make sure everyone makes it home safe
I just go along with what everyone else wants to do
I make sure to dress well
I make our plans for the night
I just enjoy being out with my friends
I call everyone and ask them to hang out
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If you could have any animal as a pet in your home, which animal would you choose?
A dog
A gorrilla
A rabbit
A cat
A dolphin
A lion
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If you were asked to describe a perfect date in several words, what would you say?
'A date is perfect if I never want it to end'
'A perfect date has our hands all over each other'
'On a perfect date, we make a real connection'
'On a perfect date, I get a lot of attention'
'A date is perfect if we respect each other's boundaries'
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Say you were suddenly fired from you job. What would you do?
Finally get some things done at home
Go to work for a friend
Start my own business
Leave quietly
Yell at my boss
Wait to be rehired
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When going to the store to buy groceries, what clothing do you typically wear?
Clean shirt and nice jeans--You never know who you might run into
T-shirt and sweatpants--It's groceries...no big deal
Dress and jacket--One should always be presentable
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If someone asked your friends to describe you, what do you think they would say?
You never let them down
You are always active
You never give up
You are classy
You are motivating
You are always happy
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