What Activity Suits Your Personality?
Take this quiz to find out what activity suits your personality most.
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When do you wake up on a typical morning?
Before 5 AM
6 AM – 8 AM
5 AM – 6 AM
Later than 8 AM
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What is your main exercise goal?
To reach my peak physical condition—fit, strong and full of energy.
To get in better shape and/or lose a few pounds.
To melt away the stresses of my day.
To enjoy a new activity. I consider any health benefits I get from doing it to be the icing on the cake.
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Which of these describe about yourself most?
The social butterfly who has the ability to energize others even when I’m stuck tackling a dull task.
The independent, sometimes hard-nosed one who always strives to do my best.
The laid-back one who can organize the busiest projects on my own.
The co-operative one who will go the extra mile to help someone else get ahead.
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What keeps you motivated the most when you're working out?
My own inner critic/cheerleader, who drives I to meet my goals.
The happy buzz of endorphins that you experience afterwards.
My gym buddy. The good-natured rivalry fuels my adrenalin.
The state of inner calm and strength I feel while I’m exercising.
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If you had a bad day, what would cheer you up the most?
Hearing a pep talk from your friend or partner.
Seeing the big picture: An off-day is small potatoes when you consider the good stuff in your life.
Indulging in your favourite dessert or getting some retail therapy.
Knowing that you can overcome any setback by putting in extra effort.
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