One word to describe your whole life is...
A quiz that sums up your whole life in one word!
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Do you ever enjoy receiving surprise gifts?
Yes, surprises always excite me
Yes, it's nice to get a surprise sometimes
No but I'll look happy to be polite
No, I don't like surprises
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How about you giving surprise gifts to others...
Yes, I love surprising people
No, I'm not a fan of surprising people
I don't enjoy giving gifts, period
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How do you feel when a good friend doesn't take your advice on something important?
Concerned (for them)
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What resonates most with you about your life?
I've overcame many challenges in life
My loved ones are always there for me
My goals are to change and improve the world
I get true satisfaction from helping in my community
My faith is the most important thing in my life
I care deeply about my freedom and rights
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What would describe your behavior out of this list?
I can be very stubborn depending on the circumstances
I get really annoyed when something that's already working gets changed
I hate it when people touch my stuff
I enjoy being the center of attention
I am a perfectionist and my own worst critic
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When you were 5 years old you had a reputation for being...
None of the above
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Which mealtime can you almost never go without?
I can go without any of them
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Would you say you're proud of yourself?
To a certain extent
Not really
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